Applying an object's transform to a prefab

I am creating a rather simple game: I have a paddle on one side of the screen, dots fly at it a la Pong; that's all that really matters right here. My problem is this: I have a script attached to the prefab for the dots which has them identify the paddle's transform (as a variable), then detect their distance from it, and bounce back if they hit it. Now, when I try to apply the transform to the variable that's representative of it in the prefab, it simply won't take; it won't even drop into place then be rejected. The curious thing about this is that when I take the exact same prefab and place it into an object, it takes instantly, and while it is quickly rejected by the raw script material, it will be dropped in. I was wondering if anybody would tell me what I've been doing wrong, or just suggest some code that would instantly apply the transform to the prefab's offspring objects?

Some things that might help: I am using the free trial of Unity 3.0 pro I am running it on Mac OS X 10.4 I didn't use rigidbodies, as that would cause the dots to collide with each other

Thank you, Vince

If you're trying to assign a reference to an object in a scene to a variable in a script associated with a prefab, I don't think that will work. Prefabs exist outside any one scene, so they can't be made to reference an object in a particular scene (not AFAIK, at least).

Also, you could probably use colliders/rigid bodies for your dots and disable collision between them using collision layers or Physics.IgnoreCollision() (or whatever the function is called).

Okay, thank you. Could you (or anyone) tell me how I would write this code? I'm having problems with it; the script doesn't work because all I'm doing is telling the dots not to collide with themselves.