Applying offset of SubScene to entities

I am testing out DOTS and I am trying to create a dynamic world. I have multiple subscenes each with some unique items representing the world, now I want to dynamically generate a world of all those subscenes. This is done by giving a subscene an offset based on a random number and if the player gets close that subscene is loaded. The way subscenes are implemented makes that entities inside a subscene are not given the same offset and thus are still placed at the worlds origin.

Is there a way to loop through all entities of a specific subscene and assign them a position before the subscene is loaded in?
Or should I store the offset and apply them once the subscene is loaded?

The problem that SubScene solves is to read/instantiate entities fast. If you wish to follow this specific facility you can solve this, for example, this way:

  1. Load SubScene’s content into a temporary world (no active systems)
  2. Process those entities with a job in single run (use burst-compiled job so it’s super fast too)
  3. Move those entities from temporary world into destination world, then Dispose() temporary world OR copy all entities and then keep that temporary world if it can be used multiple times.
  4. Profit