Applying smooth to blendshapes, in Maya, causes problems in Unity

I created my model and blendshapes in Maya with a simplified mesh, with smooth preview applied. On importing the mesh with blendshapes into unity, there was no smoothing applied(turbosmooth works with 3ds Max btw, so I expected smooth preview with Maya to also work).

Since then I have tried applying a smooth to the mesh, which works fine in maya, but the vertices shoot out in all directions in unity. I also tried applying a smooth to all of the blend targets, and the base mesh before adding them as blendshapes and the vertices shoot out in all directions.

The only thing I know to do is recreate the blendshapes from the base mesh after applying a smooth. This prevents me from using the simplified mesh, which makes it easier to modify the mesh, create the blendshapes, and animate.

Does anyone know of an elegant solution to this problem? Is this a bug or intended functionality?

Hi, I have had the same problem. I solved it eventually by selecting my low poly mesh in Maya and going to mesh display–> smooth vertices/soften edges (may be different wording depending on your version of maya). I was then able to apply my normal maps to the objects in Unity with satisfactory results. Hope this works for you too!