Applying Torque to wheelcollider

Hey, i’m attempting to apply torque to a wheelcollider using its motortorque in a semi-realistic way:

Basically i’m building a motor for a car that uses specs from any given car, this isnt so much a direct programming question, but more a mechanical engineering one:

I have the Maximum Engine Revs, Kilowatts and Torque (Nm) and i’m attempting to transpose these specs to the wheelcollider.motortorque.
My motor currently revs, shifts gears at the maximum revs and works, but the relationship to the torque of the wheel is wrong.

 wc.collide.motorTorque = ((powerkW * 5252 * 50)/ currentRPM) * 1/(currentGear) 

As you can see the equation is fairly arbitrary and doesnt properly reflect any real simulation.

I know there is a CarTutorial project available, but the tutorial isn’t realistic and doesn’t apply force to wheelcolliders but to the rigidbody itself.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, or clarify a few things (abit of a mech-eng noob).


If you would like to know how wheel Colliders really work, in that unlike the comment from Fattie they not only apply suspension but also apply drive and braking, then take a look at something like this: