applying walk / run animation using anim.SetBool

Hi there.

I have a toggle button (r) for walk and run.
This works. The players speed will change whether the boolean is set true or false.

I’m trying to use the transform position, target position, and toggle to determine if the character should walk or run, and play that respective animation using anim.SetBool

The debug code shows properly whether one should be idle, walk, or run, however this doesn’t apply well to the animations.
Any suggestions to apply this in such a way or suggest an alternative way of playing these animations is appreciated.

Code I’m specifically referring to is:

void MovePlayer()
    transform.LookAt(targetPosition);       //Player Rotation
    agent.SetDestination(targetPosition);   //Player Destination
    if (transform.position == targetPosition)
        anim.SetBool("isWalking", false);
        anim.SetBool("isRunning", false);
        Debug.Log("I SHOULD BE IDLE");

    if (transform.position != targetPosition && running == true)
        anim.SetBool("isRunning", true);
        Debug.Log("I SHOULD BE RUNNING");

    if (transform.position != targetPosition && running == false)
        anim.SetBool("isWalking", true);
        Debug.Log("I SHOULD BE WALKING");

Any suggestion to implement this change better or to suggest an alternate way of doing so is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

You should use Animator.SetTrigger() ;

Watch this :