AR Android Camera seems to not be open only can see 3d Objects

Hello everyone!!

I had been developed for android before but this is my first time with AR apps.

I have managed to setup an easy app like this:

I have almost all the things done except that I only can see the Spheres on the screen like if the camera wasn't open, I mean just the red spheres on a black background, Any Ideas what could be happened?

I'm using Unity 2019.4.12, and developing on a Galaxy Note9

ARFoundarion 3.1.3
ARCore 3.1.7.

Those are my configurations:

6568012--744589--Settings.png 6568012--744592--Settings2.png 6568012--744595--Settings3.png and this the final result:


I will Thank any advice!!!



I can build the AR app with the same configuration but without the URP (new project using SRP). Can anybody tell me what I'm missing in the URP project?

This google/Unity for "Quickstart for Android" says that "The Universal Render Pipeline (formerly known as Ligthweight Render Pipeline or LWRP) is not supported by the ARCore SDK for Unity" but it is kind of old.

Plus I'm trying to find a corresponding list or something between AR Foundation/ARCore/GRADLE versions, because is a PAIN to try with diferent versions of ARF and ARCore, I'm using Gradle version 5.6.4 like this "Build for Android with Unity" sugest (even if not developing for Android11):

Trying with:
ARF 4.1.1 Fail
ARF 3.1.6 Fail
ARF 3.1.5 Fail
ARF 3.1.3 build success.

Thanks and hope this thread is not forgotten in the thread's lost space haha.


First I need to say that I saw this video from the same channel that explain how to fix this issue but it doesn't worked for me, or that's what I thought:

For some reason, if I make the project with URP from the beginning and follow those steps, it doesn't work properly and the black screen showes up always, BUT if I make the project with "standard pipeline" and the "upgraded it" to URP it works fine.

I don't know if mark this thread as "Solved" but this is the only way that works for me.

If I'm wrong or if I'm misinforming please let me know


It seems like you've missed some steps in URP setup. I collected all URP setup in one place:

Thank You!!! I have all that settings except for the one on Quallity Settings, I will try. Also, it is possible to add post porcessing FX on AR on Android?? Like bloom or fog?

Yes, postprocessing should be possible. But if I remember correctly, I've encountered posts here on the forum regarding wrong camera zoom when ARCore is used with postprocessing.

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Thanks @KyryloKuzyk .

@marck_ozz , please also reference our documentation for URP feature compatibility with XR.

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Thanks @mfuad does all this features applies for all the XR compatible platforms?

For all Unity supported AR/VR platforms (ARCore, ARKit, HoloLens, Oculus, Magic Leap).

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