AR Foundation Black Background with Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) on Android


I am struggling to get the LWRP template scene to render the device camera texture when AR Foundation is installed.

My Setup

Windows 10
Unity 2019.1.6f1
Google Pixel 3 with AR Core installed

Steps I’ve Taken

  1. From Unity Hub, create a new 3D Lightweight RP project
  2. In the Package Manager add AR Foundation and ARCore XR Plugin.
  3. In the Build Settings, change my target to Android.
  4. Add the AR Foundation basic setup (AR Session, AR Session Origin).
  5. I deleted the default Main Camera and changed the tag on AR Camera to MainCamera
  6. I built to device.

On device I see some of the default assets with a static camera and a black background. After a few moments AR Core has recognized enough of the scene that when I move my phone my perspective on the geometry updates accordingly. The issue is the background (where I would expect to see my camera feed) always renders black.

Note: I am able to setup a standard 3D project (not LWRP) and build to my phone while displaying the device camera texture without issue.

Any suggestions for how to fix this?

Research I’ve Done

Thanks in Advance!

Close Unity, delete the Library folder, XCode project build project, restart Unity.
That solved the problem for me.

Have you found any makeshift for this problem?

This sample project allowed me to use ARFoundation 2.1 alongside LWRP in Unity 2019. Originally posted by steego in this thread.