AR Foundation Instantiate prefab on TrackedImagePrefab got wrong position

I got an empty game object with added plane child and it’s set to be TrackedImagePrefab.

Then I make a script to spawn the next prefab on buttonclick. and use this lane:

var item = Instantiate(Pointer, transform.parent);

Pointer is my prefab to spawn and script is attached to Plane

and prefab is instantiated on starting phone position, not parent position.
What is wrong?

For now I found solution like this, but i belive that better one exists :wink:

		foreach (var trackable in _aRTrackedImageManager.trackables)
			if ( == "uwm")
				var item = Instantiate(Pointer, trackable.gameObject.transform);
				item.transform.localPosition = new Vector3((float)((x + 0.5) * 0.1), 0, (float)((y + 0.5) * -0.1));