AR video background texture accessing problem of Vuforia 10.24.4v

I am working on a Vuforia AR application in Unity Engine. The Unity version is 2022.3.31f1,Vuforia SDK version is 10.24.4 and the project is running on the IOS platform.

I am having an issue accessing the background video texture using this API below: **VuforiaBehaviour.Instance.VideoBackground.VideoBackgroundTexture**.

The API returns a “Texture” value. I debugged the returned texture value is not null even also applied the texture value onto a “Raw Image” component to visualize the graphics of the returned texture for debug purposes but there are no graphics in any pixel channel. It seems like a fully transparent image, not a black image.

If anyone has idea about it, please support me. It’s really urgent one for me.

Thanks in advance.

I also tried to call the start and stop video background rendering method by the listed APIs below:

  • VuforiaBehaviour.Instance.VideoBackground.StartVideoBackgroundRendering()
  • VuforiaBehaviour.Instance.VideoBackground.StartVideoBackgroundRendering()