arcade type of movement with physics

I’m struggling to find the perfect movement for my character. I’m looking to replicate a Kart a la Mario Kart.

Using AddForce, AddRelativeForce, doesn’t work because the movement I’m looking for is not realistic. I’ve messed around with velocity, forces, physic materials, and I never seem to get the perfect movement. It’s either unresponsive because in real life nothing moves like mario kart, or there are little imperfections in the movement.

OTOH changing Transform values directly I get the type of movement I want, but that means I will lose all physics. If I use kinematic object I can interact with other objects, but I loose gravity, inertia, etc.

So how would you approach this? Is there some other option I’m missing for moving stuff around? Am I doomed to code a simple physics engine by myself?

If you want a kart, try using WheelColliders. They aren’t good for a simulation, but you want arcade physics right? You can try modifying the values of the WheelColliders on your own to get the physics you want. The default ones are pretty like mario kart, but that depends on you ;). You will have to code a simple engine script though, but there are many examples on the Internet. You just have to assign values of motorTorque, steerAngle and brakeTorque of the WheelColliders. Check out the manual here.