Architecture Building Game in Unity 3D for iOS

I am new to Unity3d and still learning lots of stuff. I have a pretty basic question regarding the capability of Unity3d. I want to make a game in which you can build architectures such as a simple house. I want it to be pretty much good in terms of quality and performance which I think is not a major issue in Unity3d. It must have support of creating objects in-game such as walls etc, it must have good lightning and support for placing lights in-game through user interaction etc.
My question is that how much is it possible to build such a game in Unity3d. I want it to look as good as possible. Do Unity3d have any limitations regarding such game or will I be able to work with Unity3d on such game without hitting any major restriction.

You are limited on the number of lights that you can use on IOS and still maintain a decent frame rate, lots of spot lights and point lights aren’t a good idea (and by default every object can only be affected by a single pixel light). You should be trying to use the minimum number of textures and use texture atlases to enable batching to reduce draw calls.