ARCore tracking maximum distance

Hi all! I am currently working on a project for an enterprise who needs to check all time the distance between the man holding the mobile device and some points/objects placed in the real world. I have thought to use ARCore for that.

I saw that with ARCore you can scan your environment and place virtual objects on it. And i think, by watching some videos, that if you go away from the virtual object you have placed, it still stays there, in the same position you have placed it.

If this is true, I suppose that then i can check continously the distance between the camera position and that virtual object position, is it right?

Finally, if this is possible, i want to know which is the maximum distance you can go away from the virtual object placed and continue to check the distance from the camera (the mobile device, by the way).

The employee who is holding the camera, is working with both hands, so we CANT stay all time focusing the camera to the virtual object placed. That is the reason for what i put this question.
Thank you so much for your attention guys! Hope you can help me :slight_smile:

i barely can stable use 7-10 meters… (Mi9)

in old projects (before ARCore), for longer distance I used to use “horizontal flat earth surface” + gyroscope/accelerometr + GPS - not as precise, but for longer distance (above 25 meter) it is OK.

Latest Arcore SDK supports robust plane tracking.i tried tracking 500m i placed objects at one end and walked to other end the placed objects are still there.