Are big meshes all held in memory?

I’m debating whether I should create my game layout (which includes several rooms) as one big mesh or a bunch of individual meshes. The main issue, as I see it, is performance. Does Unity load only the parts of the object that it needs to render the screen or does it have to pull in the entire mesh with all of its textures including those that are not going to be rendered?

If it’s a single mesh then it has no option but to load the entire thing. I would break your rooms up into individual sections, that way you can also provide LOD levels that load per room, should you need to optimize.

It’s worth noting too that just because it isn’t visible it doesn’t mean the assets aren’t being loaded into memory, so things like fog don’t help so much in this respect.

Excellent. As I thought.

Thanks for the quick response, Josh.

Any other recommendations for what I should be watching for in terms of memory/loaded asset management in Unity? I’m targeting mobile platforms so it’s of particular concern to me.

Hey Karl, You can use Occlusion Culling in unity 3.5 its the best way to make unity only render the mesh that is visible within your camera view ! also wot i recommend nd wot I do for the games that go for mobile platforms is that I combine all of my static meshses before exporting them into unity !
Hope that would help