Are DDS files fully supported by Unity?

I see that Unity supports dds, but when trying to use a cubemap.dss it appears to treat it as a single texture only? I've also noticed a few other questions concerning issues with dds, such as mipmapping not being retain.

So exactly what does Unity support with regard to dds files?

Yes and no. You can drop DDS files in the assets folder and Unity will use them as-is fine. The only problem we have is that when external version control turned on, the filtering and addressing settings are not saved to the meta file, so they don't source control properly.

On this page:

The filetype .dds is not listed anywhere, so I'm assuming it's not officially supported. So unless that page is out of date, and someone can provide some more up-to-date information, I would just use a different, more supported file format.

As of 4.6.1, .DDS cubemaps work.

mine says unsupported dds file 5.0.0f4 and its a stantard dds file