Are iOS Notifications Supported on Unity Remote 4?

I’m working on debugging a mobile game for iOS and I have found Unity Remote 4 to be invaluable for unit testing. One thing I did notice however is that push notifications are not appearing during the test. Are notifications not supported or am I just setting things up wrong?

An example code fragment for my use of notifications:

	void throwNote()
		LocalNotification notif = new LocalNotification();
		notif.alertAction = "Title";
		notif.alertBody = "Body";
		notif.fireDate = DateTime.Now;

Everything compiles correctly with no errors or warnings when the method is called. Thanks for the help.

Unity Remote only streams video from your computer, where the code is actually running. It doesn’t run anything on the device. It’s good for quick testing of basic input, but for anything that runs locally, you need to actually install the app.