Are lists better than arrays? And why?

I’ve always used arrayList in Unity, never had the urge/necessity to use Lists but after so many posts declaring that it’s better to use lists than arrays I’m confused.

Why are lists better than arrays and how come, if lists are better arrays are not deprecated?

And, if I keep using arrays will I be tagged later on as a bad programmer?


Think I found the answer to what I was looking for. Copied from: How to declare an arrayList? And when to use a regular array, VS Array, VS List, VS ArrayList? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

" When to use regular array and when
to use a list? - Use a regular array
when you know how many elements you
need and you don’t expect that number
to change (via adding, removing), use
it in places where high performance is
required. Use a generic list if you
need more dynamic acrobatics, like
inserting an element at a certain
index, removing an element, appending
to the end of the list, etc. There’s
tons of fun stuff you could do with