Are native rendering plugins supported in the UWP player?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to take advantage of the Native Plugin SDK to do custom rendering in a application that targets Microsoft’s UWP. The custom rendering that I do is done via DX11, and I have implemented it successfully via the Windows stand-alone Unity player–but it doesn’t seem to work for UWP. Specifically, IUnityInterfaces::GetRenderer() returns kUnityGfxRendererNull. Before I completely abandon this approach can anyone verify that UWP does or doesn’t support the Native Plugin SDK, and if it does provide some guidance as to what I am doing wrong?


I’m experiencing the same issue with 2019.4.18f1, what is the status of native plugin api support for UWP ?

For those searching, here is what worked for me : in player settings turn off auto graphics api and explicitly pick D3D11.