Are non-consumable items normally handled with a PlayerPrefs??

Implementation of purchasing through samples was a success.

Now it’s the user’s turn to provide what they’ve earned through their purchases. In the case of non-consumables, do you use PlayerPrefs with Restore button??

In my opinion, no. I don’t think so.

simple awnser is no,

Why: if you are using a server backend to run your purchasing system then the amount they have purchased should be stored there and pulled and change as needed.

PlayerPreffs can be accessed by users who know how and can be altered and tampered with. best to store ALL sensitive data where it is non accessible to the user. There are cases where storing data locally is ok like a players personal data is probably not best practice without encrypting and decrypting but it all depends who your user base is and what you game/app is. A login for instance some may save the Email, Username, Nickname, Characters Names and an encrypted Password for a remember me quick login but there are better alternatives then that. Playfab offers a great free solution. then for something like non Consumables they would be stored as a Statistic Via playfab and value grabbed via a request call as needed. These are ‘Key - Value’ Pairs just like player prefs so can be used quite similarly but involve a but more code since it has to connect with the backend server.

if you Are going to using PlayerPrefs then it’s best practice to encrypt and decrypt the sensitive data so is cannot be tampered with.