Are older versions of game projects available anywhere? Want Stealth for 4.1.5

The current version 1.4 of Stealth in the asset store is for Unity 4.2.1 or higher.

I am currently required to use Unity 4.1.5, but I would like to try this tutorial. There must have been older versions of this tutorial for older versions of Unity, but I can’t find any links to download the older versions.

So, as the title says, are they available anywhere?

No, unlike with Unity itself, I don’t believe it is possible to download previous versions of assets from the Asset Store. The other annoying thing is that the “Requires Unity x.y” is almost never true - it’s just that was the version with which it was uploaded to the store. I assume you’ve tried to download it and failed? And also, I assume the reason why you’re stuck with 4.1.5 is because you’re in some sort of managed environment (school/college?) where you don’t have permission to upgrade? If you can get someone to download the current package from the store and send it to you, I’d be almost certain it will work with 4.1.5.