Are Real Vector Fonts Possible in Unity?

I know Unity doesn’t have built-in support for scalable vector fonts, but are there any 3rd party extensions that support this?
[EDIT: Actually Unity DOES have support for scalable vector fonts. See answer below.]

If not, what is the best way to handle this?

I could potentially import the font at the largest size I need (48pt or so), but playing around with GUIText gave very disappointing results and it’s hard to get the GUIText objects in the right position at the right size.

If vector fonts are out, what is the best 3rd party bitmap font component that can resize the text to the desired size?

So after talking to a Unity rendering engineer on Twitter last night, I found out that if you set the font’s Character setting under Import Settings to “Dynamic”, Unity will not create a bitmap from it.

Instead, it will use the character outline as I was hoping.

The downside is that this is only supported on Mac and PC build targets at this time, however, the feature is apparently coming for iOS and Android at some time in the future.

On iOS and Android, the font imports at whatever size you set under the import settings.

The documentation describing this feature can be found here:

Look into Vectrosity in the Asset Store.

Do you know about Hershey font library, i think it may GNU i don’t know! anyways, you can display those fonts with line renderer/vertices/vectrocity.