Are rigidbodies only moved in the physics-loop?


I know there is quite a lot of FixedUpdate/Update questions, but I havn’t been able to find the answer for this question.

So I am making a platformer game, where I move some (max. 50 rigidbodies) around. I am not applying force, but moving them around by raycast/Translate. I had a problem with movement flickering, due to imprecise collision calculation. I took all of my movement code and put it into FixedUpdate. It solved my problem and everything looks smooth.

My only problem is, that I don’t understand why this works better. The only reason I can think of is, that if I move a rigidbody in Update, the movement isn’t actually done, but stored and later executed in the physics-loop. Is this true, or is there another reason as to why, rigidbodies should be moved in FixedUpdate?

Best wishes

if those rigidbodies where being affected by the physics loop (i.e not isKinematic and/or not ‘Sleeping’) the most like reason you got unsmooth results is that they where being translated outside of fixed update AND moved inside each physics update (fixed update aswell).