Are soft shadows supported on iOS ?

I am trying to get soft shadows work. On standalone version it’s OK, but it seems that in iOS export (on my iPad 3) it doesn’t work. I only have hard shadows.
Are soft shadows supported on iOS? Is there any alternative?



Not sure but have you set them in -

Project Settings,
Shadows -
Hard Shadows Only -
Hard and Soft Shadows

Currently Unity does not support iOS Soft Shadows.

Has anyone had any success with soft shadows on iOS?

I tinkered some with AutoLight.cginc, based on what I found here.

My file is included.

I have tried this with various GL settings, usually with Errors like this when building plus a dark model[|54102]:

Shader error in 'Shader Forge/AlphaWithShadows': cannot access field `x' of non-structure / non-vector; type mismatch at line 59