Are there any cases in that unity ignores the exception and runs the next code?

Hi, there. I have a question about unity error/exception that sometimes ignores.

void Awake() {
	 * do something...
	// Set title text

My code is just like this. Firebase crashlytics said there was a NullReferenceException in ‘do something…’ part and another NullRefException inside titleObject.SetTitle("...") at the same time. In my opinion, if ‘do something…’ part has an error or exception, Awake() should be stopped and titleObject.SetTitle("...") cannot be called. However, it was called and threw NullRefException…

Especially, SetTitle(string title) method only uses TextMeshProUGUI object that is set(dragged) in the inspector. It cannot be null. (not prefab, not dynamically created object) Inside the method, there is only titleText.text = title; code. (titleText is TextMeshProUGUI)

So, the question is, Does Unity sometimes ignore an exception that was thrown first and run the next code?

When I test in the editor, Unity stopped Awake() method, and titleObject.SetTitle("...") was not called. Same in apk build. ONLY crashlytics said NullRefException inside titleObject.SetTitle("...")

No. If there an exception occurs then code execution is stopped and the exception is propagated upwards until it is cought or - if uncought - the programm terminates. If there is something telling you differently then this is most likely wrong.