Are there any educational resources or middleware for creating Real-Time Strategy games in Unity?

I am exploring doing an RTS in Unity. I have heard of some experiences with the Last Bastion Games RTS engine, but the reviews were mixed. It is also a little too expensive for my purposes.

Do you know of any resources on learning to make an RTS game in Unity?

Any middleware or projects that can be used?


Here's a pathfinding system which I have made, and I used it to make an RTS demo a couple of months ago.

A* Pathfinding

You can use that to make the moving of your units a bit easier.
I don’t know of any “learning to make an RTS” resources though but I hope this will be of some help.

Martin Schultz posted his Generals project on the Unity forum, which might be a good starting point.

Ideally you'd create a level editor that is highly robust, but that can be quite challenging too, especially since we're already sitting on top of an engine. It's a good question though, because Unity doesn't give you the feel of a well structured game if you're coming from Ogre or other engine experience. However, it is!

(Sorry ramblings.) I'm working right now on an RTS style that's making use of prefabs, A* setup, and other various logic and it's coming along nicely..

Unity Prefabs has an RTS camera kit that may be useful.

Check it out here