Are There Any Plans To Support HTML5 In Unity?

I've been exploring the possibility of using Flash in Unity. There appears to be no good solution for this at the moment and it doesn't appear to be a priority for near-future releases of Unity (at least as far as I can find). So I was wondering, will Unity eventually support HTML5 (which, for my purposes, has similar features to Flash) and if so how far out on the horizon is that?

Specifically I want to load animated and interactive web content onto a texture and I need to be able to control characteristics of blocks of text (style, size, etc for fonts) in a dynamic way. It seems HTML5 support would solve both my problems.

I wouldn't hold your breath. Adding a HTML5 capable renderer would add quite some weight to unity clients as it probably needs to include it given the vast amount of different browser options that can be available at the client. What you need can possibly solved at the server side, render the rich text texture on the server and send this over.

I don't think HTML 5 would be or should be added to the Unity client plug-in...that would sabotage the whole point of adopting HTML5 right from the start. HTML5 will be a part of every browser so there's no need for a plugin. Essentially, an HTML5 game would consist of the HTML5 code plus probably some javascript, so it would be it's own thing just like developing for the the Mac or PC. (or maybe because I haven't built a Unity game yet, but I thought the Unity module was not used for desktop gaming, but maybe it is the more I think about it.) Point being...module/plug-in free game operation is going to be HUGE moving forward and Unity should catch that wave now.

As of Feb 27, 2011, Unity announced future Flash support. Meanwhile, Adobe is working on Wallaby, a technology to convert Flash to HTML5. Nothing has been announced, but at the risk of rumour-mongering, I wouldn't be surprised if Unity brought out an HTML5 exporter in future.

You should check out uWebkit from mythoslabs. Rendering of dynamic web content inside Unity as you’ve requested. Works on most platforms except Android currently.

When using WebGL and HTML5, who needs Flash? Why pay Adobe revenue share for memory leaks and feature delays? How much is Adobe paying Unity to support their “distribution channel”? OpenGL and 3D in HTML5

Interesting, Unity3D to HTML5 and WebGL and JS 3D Engines!!!

Let’s all be honest, the unity web player and the flash player both out-perform any native technologies. The reason why native is of interest is due to interoperability. HTML, JS, CSS all hold hand in hand, that’s why flash kind of didn’t take off. I say “kind of didn’t take off” because it’s still used by developers and most of us use it on a daily basis (YouTube).

Strange I find it that unity being almost completely focused on game development is catching my attention for building web based applications. The other aspect real-time social.

The browsers should add in the Unity3D web player… A generic one, so the dam content just loads… ;p

How about a HTML5 MMO Game Inside Unity? Heh. This is just for fun: Tutorial: Embedding HTML5 Games Inside Unity3D - YouTube