Are there any plugins for testing\QA?

Hi Guys,

I tried searching the forums but could not find any answer to this question. I wanted to know if any of you know of any plugins which can be used for QA in terms of testing a game\app. We are trying to use unity for a game development and I needed to know if there are any readily available free\paid plugins which QA can use to make testing easy.

Both automation or manual are welcome and it can be either available in unity itself or 3rd party plugins.

I am new to unity and also these forums and my apologies in advance if any of the above questions sound stupid.

Depends on what kind of tests you want, there’s no need to use any plugins to use Unity in a test, you just need to launch Unity by specifying you project path and the log path in the command line, your project then should output some data to the log, after that test just needs to verify the log and see if the outputed information was expected.

A very old post but for those who still looking for QA solution, Unity Test Tools, created by Unity in 2013, seems to be the only choice in Unity. There are already quite a lot of tutorials about it.

Other than that, there is a FUnit developed by an individual, but unfortunately it’s seems not maintained anymore since Dec 2015…