Are there any problems working on one aplication on Mac and Windows?

Hi all,

This is my setup: Windows laptop (which I would like to use to write my code, test etc.) and an iMac (which I would like to use ONLY for compiling iOS files and putting them on my iPad)

I was wondering about 2 things… Say if I develop my application on Windows, and later open the same project on my Mac…do you think I will encounter any problems? Like are there some things I need to be aware of?

The license, I guess I will have to buy the $400 iOS license, install it on my Mac, but if I want to also use my Windows for writing the actual app, will I also have to spend another 400 for separate license? (I guess I can use the free version, but will I be missing some significant iOS related goodies if I do?)


I think you should just check the licensing conditions…I almost think it is allowable to install on two machines for a single user (for the exact situation you are describing).

As for compatibility, sharing between Windows and Mac works quite well, as long as you enable SVN (is this support included in your license, or is this an additional Pro license?)

Otherwise, you might expect problems, not because of Windows vs. Mac, but because of Unity’s way of obfuscating links (for instance, you may find that textures links are broken in materials, and scripts missing from prefabs). It can be quite challenging to maintain a project under these circumstances.

There are some alternatives to help you keep sane: