Are there any programs with pre-animated bones for 2d characters

I am not much of an animator and I want to animate my characters for my 2d level/game in Unity. Is there any software or plug-in that has pre-animated rigs with walk and cycles for 2d characters. If not what program should I learn to animate in for unity…photoshop, toonboom animate or Umotion? Thank you Avi

I don’t know of one with a pre-made set, but I know that Adobe Flash has a 2D bone structure system. However, since this is a Unity forum, I’ll give you a way to do it in something like Blender.

Step 1: Make a 2D sketch of your player, doesn’t have to be perfect, just square.

Step 2: Use the bone tool to create a spine at the base with one joint at the neck, then make your arms and legs.

Step 3: Export your bones to an .obj file, which is standard.

Step 4(Can Be Step 1): Create your actual player you will be using in the game, and apply your bones to it.

Step 5: Export your player and bone structure to an .obj file

Step 6: Import into Unity