Are there limitations to the Pro Trial?

Hi there, I've recently been asking questions on how i can get a movie to play in my game, however i've come to the conclusion that the ONLY way i will be doing this is if i get Unity Pro.

This is fine, but my problem is that i am only creating this project for college so cannot afford to buy the software. I really want to make this as good as i can as it's my final major project and plan on using it in my portfolio for university and other purposes.

I have remembered that when you first download Unity you are invited to start a Unity Pro trial, which i havn't used yet. My question is this: Are there any limitations in the trial vesion? For example, will i be able to add the cutscene movies into my game and then export the final game when i'm done, in the trial version?

Would love an answer, thanks guys!

I don't know if you're still interested in this Question, given that the other question about playing video, has several answers, but here it is. As far as I know (not a UT dev) there are no limitations on features in the Pro Trial version. Except - the Unity Watermark will still be displayed (it can be disabled in full Pro). But then, if you're using the Free version otherwise, that should not be an problem.

And a second issue - What happens to projects/builds when the Trial expires?, Eric5h5 says, "The projects will still work, but any Pro-only effects will be disabled. Anything you build before the trial expires will remain unchanged."

If this is for a single finished project, then that may not be a problem. But if there is even a possibility that you might want to update the project later, then you have to consider if it's worth going with one of the free-version video solutions in the other Question.