Are there project limits to a Unity Asset store purchase?

I’ve read through the Unity Asset store license, but I honestly don’t think it’s addressed anywhere in there. When I buy an asset from the Asset Store, I understand it is linked to my Unity license, but are there limits on how many projects I use the asset in?

As a contractor, I’m quickly moving between projects week-to-week. If I come and work on a project for one day, it doesn’t seem right that I can open the Unity Project, import whatever I have in my Asset Store Library, and then never work on the project again. But that does seem to be the way the license is currently set up.

Obviously, there’s no way to buy the asset again once it’s linked to my account, so the intention does not seem to be one-license-per-project (this would also likely be mentioned somewhere in the license agreement.) Does anyone have any info on limitations of use?

As far as I understand it, it’s license-per-developer, same as Unity Pro. In your example, yes, you can import whatever is in your asset library into a project that you only work on for a day; however, presumably someone else is working on it after you, and if they don’t have the license, they can’t use the assets (to my understanding).

I have several clients, and although I have my own license, I require (as I believe does Unity), that they purchase their own license, and assets from the store. Then if/when I leave and someone else might use it, they are using the license of that company, not mine. Plus they will deal with any other costs, eg if they sell million$ of it and have to deal with Unity that way.

Since i posted this question, the asset store has added details on what licenses the purchase grants. It now will say something like “*this extension requires one license per seat.” This pretty much lines it up with a Unity Pro license. If you import a plug-in as a contractor, and there are other seats involved in the creation of the project, you need to ensure client is OK with purchasing the license for the additional seats.