Are Unity Patch Releases Cumulative?

For example, does PATCH 4.6.6P4 contain the fixes from PATCH 4.6.6P3, which contains the fixes from PATCH 4.6.6P2 which contains the fixes from PATCH 4.6.6P1?

Or does each patch only contain the fixes specified on Unity’s release page for that patch?

I ask because I believe that I may be affected by a problem that was fixed in PATCH 4.6.6P3 ((700507) - iOS/IL2CPP: Avoid deadlock during UnloadUnusedAssets). I am using PATCH 4.6.6P4, and I was wondering whether it was worth switching to PATCH 4.6.6P3.


Patch releases are in fact cumulative. 4.6.6P4 will contain all of the fixes of 4.6.6P3 as well as all of the fixes of 4.6.6P4. It’s worth a try grabbing the other version, though I’m not sure it’s going to change all that much.

If you post a question about the specific issue you’re having, maybe someone can help you figure out the issue.