Are Unity's Official Tutorials only for Pro?

I just watched all of the official Unity 2D art/game engine videos and took extensive notes on them, but when I turned around to try to replicate what I learned in unity, The entire layout of everything was different. Is there a difference between the pro userface and the free one? Am I not going to be able to use some of these features shown in the tutorials if I have the free version of unity?

Yes, its a different colour.

Play with the Layout button at the top right of the editor. You can customise your layout quite extensively, reordering windows and placing things in tabs.

Certain features are Pro only and for those the functionality will either not appear or simply not work. The majority of tutorials will work in Free.

No, expecially because most of features are free. The workspace is simple user customization.

Most of the tutorials are for Unity free except the tutorials for pro features. In the top right you can choose which layout you would like. I personally prefer it looking like this (Screenshot - 1fc99f6c99580c60afe34ac2624a133b - Gyazo) and saving as a custom layout.