Are you considering to leave UnityAnswers if the spammers arent stopped?

Hi there, I’ve been trying to fight that annoying spammer we seem to have every sunday in this forum.

I’ve even tried to contact support about it, but nothing is really done.

The spammer creates a new account. Then goes into several questions and posts a spam message as an answer.

Result: everyone participating in the question/answer thread gets a copy of this “oooh so important” answer.

Are you considering this to be annoying enough to leave UnityAnswers until its fixed?

No. Unity Answers and the kind help from this community is invaluable. I can cope with the odd id#ot spamming me once a week - I would lose hours, days and possibly weeks without the help I receive here.

I don’t want the spam, but do you really want to give up this wonderful resource?

We know that spam has become a problem. Today we made a small change:

a) Only users with karma of 15 or above can post questions and answers directly to the site.
b) Users with Karma below 15 have their posts submitted into a moderation queue.
c) Any user with Karma of 1000 or more can view the moderation queue and approve posts for publishing to the site.

This obviously means the community has to be involved in fighting spam, and making sure that new real users have their contributions approved. There’s nothing stopping a spammer posting one real question or answer and having it voted up, then they can get on with spamming.

We’re in touch with BerggreenDK (the OP) and he’s given lots of ideas and suggestions for more robust solutions.

I might leave. The spammer is really getting annoying. I thumb down their answer each time.

Leave and go where?

This forum is amazingly awesome and I've never seen so many people sharing so much of their work and time with other people. And, they seem to really hope that newbies learn and get good and contribute themselves. My god man, this place is WONDERFUL!

Leave because someone is trying to spam the forum? That's just silly. They will fix it.

Toss the baby right out with the bath, huh... indeed...

I already did., you rock!

No, my game would never be completed (although it may never be :wink: ) if I left unity answers, it’s to valuable of a resource. It’s like giving up an infinite library of knowledge because you find a few bad books, not really worth it in my opinion. Just ignore the spammers, there don’t seem to be to many of them. Hope this helps!

No. Other issues seem more pressing to me =/ But that’s probably because I’m not a hardcore-answer-giver and thus don’t receive so much spam in my mailbox… I can imagine it’s scaring away the givers… this is very bad :frowning:

I don’t downvote them, just report. Getting sh*t blocked and deleted: That’s what reporting should be there for, no? Downvoting feels like a major waste of karma to me…

@BerggreenDK: This question probably gets more publicity if tagged ‘meta’

leaving the site doesn’t solve the problem… but you’ll be glad to know that a solution is in the works and it won’t go on much longer… mostly thanks to the people that got mad about it and started this forum (probably) so, there you go, the system works! :wink: nice job everyone…

Spammers should get a visit from the tooth fairy… ;(

I won’t leave the community here is great. However I do think that some adjustments can be made in favor of us new folks. Such as adding in some way of monitoring questions and answers that are waiting moderation to let us know the status of them. Nothing worse then submitting a question then 8 hours later still sitting around waiting and praying it pops up and having no idea if it is just being overlooked or rejected or what.