"ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path" when copying imported animations.

I made an enemy with bones and animations on Blender, and I imported it to Unity3d, with fbx format. I wanted some animations to have events, but they’re all “Read-Only”. I read somewhere animation can be duplicated and get rid of the “Read-Only” barrier, but everytime I tried that (Ctrl+D), I get this error.

ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path

And I can’t add events to my object. I don’t know if that’s a problem of Unity or Blender.

Ran into the same problem today – apparently the FBX exporter from Blender uses a “pipe” symbol ( | ) when naming its animations, in order to tie their names to the source armature – e.g.:
rather than simply

The solution is to go into the animation importer tab from the model’s inspector view, and to rename each animation in a way that removes the symbol. Once I did that, I was able to duplicate the animations with no problem.

What is the file \ path name you try to copy?
Have clicked on lock symbol on the animations inspector view, maybe you can change the setting there?

Thank you for this question and answer. It saved me a lot of headache. :slight_smile: