ARInterface: planes not updating

Hi guys,
I am trying out the demo scenes from the ARInterface framework and, at least on my Samsung S8, it looks like the planes are not correctly updating.

Once a plane is found its extent will remain the same, no matter if I track more of the environment. The point cloud confirms that ARCore is actually finding more feature points, but the initial plane will never expand, even if it obviously should.

More planes are actually added, but only if they lay on a different height from the first one. As always, their size will never be updated, though.

I couldn't understand if this bug affects only the visual representation of the planes (the instanced debugPlanePrefabs) or also the inner layers of ARInterface (the actual boundedPlanes).

this is true for every ARInterface sample. The official ARCore scene sample (helloAR) works fine.

Does this happen only to me?

I have some issues, but the plane generation works well on my s8. I can create two planes and if they collides at the same alture they get merged (using the helloAr implementation)

hi pirokun!
Yes, the helloAR demo works fine on my phone, it's the "officiale ARCore scene" i was referring to in the first post :)
but if i'm not mistaken helloAR uses the basic ARCore sdk.

The problem appers in all the ARInterface sample scenes (Assets/UnityARInterface/Examples).