ARKit plugin and AmbientOcclusion FPS drop

I am using ARKit with AmbientOcclusion (SSAO) script on my camera, and I have a problem with FPS drop. I also tried using the newer script - Ambient Obsurance, Same results again.
Did anyone had experience with this stuff, and is the cost of AO really that big?
Thank you!

“This effect requires a graphics card that supports Shader Model 3 and depth textures.”

"Shader Model 3 (Standalone platform)

Emulates DirectX 9 SM3.0 feature set (PC GPUs made during 2004–2006).
In addition to features turned off by Shader Model 4 emulation, this also turns off support for draw call instancing, Texture Arrays, and geometry Shaders. It enforces a maximum of 4 simultaneous render targets, and a maximum of 16 Textures used in a single Shader."

Well that’s it… :slight_smile: