ARKit Remote Connection frame freeze

First of all, Remote Connection is an amazing tool and I can’t wait to get it to work so thank you for that.

I’m experiencing a problem where upon connecting to the device this situation happens:

  1. On the device, the video stream appears as normal with no lag and fully functioning.
    2.In Unity, the very first frame of the video from the phone appears. But it freezes there.
  2. As I move the phone around, in Unity I can just about see a red/blue halo of images from the camera appearing on top of the frozen frame. These seem to be following the camera smoothly and don’t freeze.
  3. If I wait long enough, every now and then the frozen frame changes to a newer frame from the camera but it freezes again.

Hope I managed to describe it well enough for you to be able to tell me what I’m missing here. I also played around with the editor settings but can’t seem to be able to change anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I am experiencing the same issue on MBP Mid 2017, iPhone 6s & Unity 2017.3.

Like you guys, I’m unable to make arkit remote work properly.
At some point in time I was able to get the device camera feed into it, and was seeing the point cloud particles ( appeared like an overlay mode in photoshop), but now I’m just getting the camera feed, and nothing is happening in editor - cant see debug planes, particle cloud, or any models placed in scene.

I am seeing the exact same behavior as @aliatsky -once connected you can see the first fame of the phone video in the Game widow but when you move the phone you only see odd red and blue translucent halo images.
This is with a fresh clone of Arkit-Plugin from today.
iPhone X
Xcode 9.2
OSX 10.13.3
Unity 2017.3.0f3

Bump. Seeing the same behavior.

Same issue here - any word from Unity?

I’m seeing the same behavior, but only over wifi.

iPhone 8+, iOS 11.3.5 beta
macOS 10.13.2
XCode 9.2 (9C40b)
Unity 2017.3.1f1

The editor behaves as expected when I connect to my device with a USB cable.

Experiencing the same issue over both WiFi and USB.

10.13.3 macOS High Sierra
iPhone X
iOS 11.3 beta
Unity 2017.3.1f1

iPhone X running iOS 11.3 Beta
Early 2015 Macbook Pro running OS X High Sierra 10.13.4 Beta
Unity 2017.3.1f.1
XCode 9.3 Beta

Currently having the same issue, regardless of whether or not I use a USB Cable or connect through Wi-Fi. Any word on this issue? I’m using the Spring2018_Update branch of the ARKit Plugin from BitBucket…

Same here
Iphone 8 running IOS 11.3 beta
10.13.3 macOS High Sierra
Unity 2017.3.1f1 & 2018.1b11

Tested on 2 machines, and connected phone via wifi and via USB cable as stated else where, both report the same issues (wifi is obviously worse and would expect it to struggle and not work)

Same here.
MacBook 12 inch 2016
iPhone X iOS 11.3 beta
Spring update of ar kit plugin
Unity 2017.3.1f1

I connected with usb.

Yeah same. USB. I can usually see some shadow image (like an overexposed photo underneath). Very very occasionally the image does catch up but I’ve never been able to consistently work out why it catches up.

I managed to get ARKit Remote working on recent iMacs, seems like older devices like the MacBook Air have trouble performing well with ARKit Remote.

What is everyone’s Mac specs/model?

same, macbook air high seirra ios 11.3 beta

Mine is MBP i7, Late 2017, iPhoneX.

Has anyone found a solution to this yet?

This works but you will need to be running .Net 4.x or you'll need to manage your own CopyTo for the DeflateStream.

The problem seems to be the newer models of the ios devices are sending over way more data than they used too, tested this on an iphone 6s and my new iphone 8. By compressing and decompressing it works around the too much data being sent errors

Yeah, I've seen this in two scenarios: Breaking out from USB-C to regular USB on the new Macbook Pros with a crappy breakout device, and having a poor/saturated wifi connection. In both cases, there was an indication in the XCode debug log that the amount of data being sent by the device could not reliably be handled and I'm guessing that prevents the editor experience from accurately replicating on-device behavior.

Hi guys.
I found a way to fix this problem.

I wrote this article a couple of days ago.

And I translated the article in English!

Thank you for introducing my article:)

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Hi, I like your solution. I would prefer to stick to .Net3.5. Do you have an alternative method for CopyTo function so that I can stick to .Net.3.5 for Now?