Armature moves further then the root bone

I have an armature which has a root bone on the ground, and then the spine bone is parented to it as well as the ik bones that I don’t export. And basically you can see what happens on my image, in this test animation (cause I noticed this in another animation), the armature moves twice the distance of the root bone. I do not know what causes this.

I tried a different setup where instead of parenting the spine to the root, I use the copy location constraint, but nothing changed.

Also this is Blender

This guy had a similar issue, but my root bone is the top most in hierarchy and changing the root bone in “Motion” doesn’t help.

UPDATE: Okay, I changed rig type to ‘None’ in Unity import, applied, then changed back to ‘Generic’ and applied and this re-created the avatar I assume. Still have mixed feelings about this. I do not know how to prevent this from happening in the first place.