Armature position changing after start the game

So, my problem is the following. I bring a riggged model from blender to Unity in order to test some scripts. After import it I reset the position of armature and mesh to 0, 0, 0 but when I start the game, my animation starts in a place a little far from the position where the armature is putted on. Why is the position changing when I start the game? I don’t want this. Someone can help me with it?

*When I watch the transform properties of the armature and hit the Play Button I can see the position and rotation changing, like if some IPO curve was putted on the armature.

Thanks from now!

This is probably because you have an errant animation on the GO. Remove all animation components from your prefab and see if that resolves it. (This has driven me crazy several times in the past.)

Thanks for the reply.
I removed the component from the GO and attached it again but it didn’t work. When I disabled the option “Play Automatically” the armature’s position didn’t move, so it seems to be a problem with the animations.
I tried to adjust the position within the Start void but it didn’t work too. In Blender, I removed an Ipo Curve in the armature but in Unity it didn’t make any effect.

*When I just drag my character into the scene and press start, without changing his position, he just execute his animation in place, without go to another location.

Hope you can understand my poor English, I’m Brazilian. (:

If you have anny sugestion, I’m already thankful.