Arms disappearing in front of camera?

Hello! I am making an FPS game with arms that hold a gun. But whenever I look up or down, the arms disappear. I have my camera’s clipping planes on “Near: 0.001” and “Far: 1000”, so I have no idea what’s going on. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?,Hello! I am currently making a game with a gun that has arms holding it. But whenever I move my camera up and down, the arms disappear at some points, even though my camera has “Near: 0.01” and “Far: 1000” clipping planes. How do I prevent the arms from disappearing? Thanks!

Never mind, fixed it! All I had to do was just make the arms model/rig closer together, and that solved the problem. Don’t know why, but It’s fixed, so I’m happy with it.