Aron Granberg A* Basic Question

Hi, I’m pretty lost with the implementation of this path finding system. I get seeker.startPath and assigning the resulting path to a variable, but how do I get my character to move based on this path? Because my game is an RTS, I want to use local avoidance. How do I use move my gameObject with the RVO Controller based on the path?

First of all, you can post in Aron’s own forum (on his Astar homepage), he answers questions reliably.

I advise you to take a look at the example scenes and scripts provided, one is AIPath.cs I think, it’s a good starting point and can easily be modified to suit your own needs.
Ideally, you would only set the target coordinate and then compute the path, with everything after that being done automatically.

As far as I know, local avoidance is only available in the Pro version in case you only have the free one.

Hope that helps and best of luck.