[Arongranberg A * Pathfinding Project] How to move units without overlaping of them?

I have a few units that move between the obstacles in place a mouse click. Movement is a simple change of coordinates in go.transform.position. I have these objects “overlap” on each other. In search of solutions found in the official documentation of the demo:
But did not find where I could download this scene. It would be grateful if someone explained why in the demo bots are following each other, not on each other - without overlaping or would share the link to this or a similar example in which one could see how it works.

I believe the only way to achieve this is via local avoidance, which got re-implemented in the Pro version with one of the last updates.

As for the demo scene, I don’t see how they are following each other. They seem to overlap just as well, but this is limited to certain degree, likely because of colliders/rigidbodies on both objects.