Arranging items in the @ContextMenu?

How does one arrange items in a context menu so that they're in a logical order? I have the following (pseudo)-code

@ContextMenu("Save 1st Position")
function SavePositionA()

@ContextMenu("Save 2nd Position")
function SavePositionB()

@ContextMenu("Clear Saved Positions")
function ClearSavedPositions()

@ContextMenu("Assume 1st Position")
function AssumePositionA()

@ContextMenu("Assume 2nd Position")
function AssumePositionB()

I would have expected that to have been the order of the context menus. However, the order I get is

  1. Assume 2nd Position
  2. Clear Saved Positions
  3. Save 1st Position
  4. Save 2nd Position
  5. Assume 1st Position

From playing around with it, it seems they appear in alphabetical order, except that the last function always appears first? Or something...? Which seems a little random. Am I doing something wrong? 3.

Unfortunately there is no way to control the order. The ContextMenu attribute does not have validation and ordering options like MenuItem. Time for a feature request?