Array of a class deleting previous array element

I add a new entry to the array with this…

theserver = new TheEnergySevers[currentServer + 1];
		theserver[currentServer] = new TheEnergySevers();
		theserver[currentServer].freqNumber = ServerNumber;
		theserver[currentServer].addPerSec = addMount;
		theserver[currentServer].totalAmountCap = Max;
		currentServer += 1;

but it deletes the previous element of the array entry for example.

if I add values to the 2 element of the array it makes all the other array element equal o or null.

thanks in advance!

That is because of your first line:
theserver = new TheEnergySevers[currentServer + 1];

Doing this you are overriding the array and erasing all previous values. It seems like you want to use a list.

Wherever you initialize the array put this instead:

List<TheEnergyServers> theserver = new List<TheEnergyServers>();

And change your code for adding a new server to this:

TheEnergyServers newServer = new TheEnergyServers();
newServer.freqNumber = ServerNumber;
newServer.addPerSec = addMount;
newServer.totalAmountCap = Max;

Remember that to use lists you have to add “using System.Collections.Generinc;” at the beginning of the script and that to know the number of elements in the list it goes like “theserver.Count” instead of “theserver.Length”.