Array of Array

I have been looking around for a while now but have found nothing which has fixed problem. So i’m asking you.
I want to be able to store an Array of strings into an array. I have no idea how to go about this so if you can help I would be extremely grateful.

PS. I’m using unity script

You can’t create an array of string arrays with .NET. At first, this might sound like nonsense, but all elements in array must be of the same type. Array of strings is clearly different type than just plain string. Put I assume that you want to create multidimensional string array, or perhaps a list of string arrays. Check code below:

    public class StringTester
        private string[,] TwoDimensionalArray;
        private string[][] JaggedArray;

        private string[] OneDimensionalArray;
        private List<string[]> ListOfArrays;

        public void Test()

            //Two dimensional array of strings
            TwoDimensionalArray = new string[10,10];
            TwoDimensionalArray[2, 2] = "Hello World";

            //Two dimensional jagged array (variable length arrays)
            JaggedArray = new string[5][];
            JaggedArray[0] = new string[2];
            JaggedArray[1] = new string[6];
            JaggedArray[0][0] = "Foo";
            JaggedArray[1][1] = "Bar";

            //List of string arrays
            ListOfArrays = new List<string[]>();
            ListOfArrays.Add(new string[10]);
            ListOfArrays.Add(new string[8]);
            ListOfArrays[0][0] = "Some text";