array of GameObjects

I am currently working on converting some Java for a singleton manager to C# the only part that is throwing anything starts in Java as:

private var List1 = new Array();

I am pretty sure that this is a GameObject array (that is what is added to it later in the class)

and I was attempting to translate it to C#:

private GameObject[] List1 = new GameObject();

this line throws a CS0029 cannot convert GameObject to GameObject

when I attempt to change it to use array contructor:

private GameObjectp List1 = new GameObject;
it says I need to give it a size, but it will just be doing runtime additions, and subtractions to it.

Ok in C# native arrays need to have a fixed size so it would read

 private GameObject[] List1 = new GameObject[10];//For example

If you need variable length arrays then use

 using System.Collections.Generic;


 private List<GameObject> List1 = new List<GameObject>();

There’s an article on Unity Gems that might help.

traditional arrays in C# need to have the size specified at construction time.
There is however a nice dynamic alternative called Lists: