Array of Quaternions based of Array of GameObjects (NOT WORKING)

I am trying to get the rotation of every object in an array of gameobjects and put it in an array of Quaternions but when i do this it puts them in the Quaternion array as mere fractions of what the rotations were supposed to be.

The code that i thought would do this is

			for (int i = 0; i < OBJList.Length; i++)
				OBJloc _= OBJList*.transform.position;*_

OBJrot = OBJList*.transform.rotation;*
* }*
Based off a few google searches but i must of misunderstood something because this doesn’t provide me with the rotation of each object in the array while it does work just fine for getting the Vector3 of each object.

The rest isn’t formatted as code, so I haven’t read that part, but this:

  for (int i = 0; i < OBJrot.Length; i++)
                 //Pack_.rotation = OBJrot*;*_

Pack_.rotation.x = OBJrot*.x;
Pack.rotation.y = OBJrot.y;
Pack.rotation.z = OBJrot.z;

Doesn’t copy all of the parameters inside the Quaternion. The commented line would copy a reference to the complete quaternion, and I haven’t dealt with any other issues that may still be at work here, but Quaternions have a w parameter that isn’t being copied, and that would produce incomplete results._