Array of transforms with "labels"

What I’m trying to accomplish for my game is an array that will store transforms. So, of course I’m using “Transform” to achieve this. However, what I want to be able to do in the inspector is label the transform. For example:

I create an array called spawnPoints. Within this array, three different transforms are stored. However, I want to label these transforms like:

  • “Front”, transform1
  • “Back”, transform2
  • “Roof”, transform3

And so I would be able to access these transforms again later by referring to the string value.

How would I go about in doing so?

You would normally use a Dictionary for something like that, specifically Dictionary.< String, Transform >. However Dictionaries don’t show up in the inspector, unless you write a custom inspector for it. Or you could make a class that contains a String and a Transform, and have an array of that class (which will show in the inspector without having to do anything special), then convert that array to a Dictionary in Awake.