Array syntax help

I’m trying to build the basic combat engine for my game. I have the 2 characters in play defind as “currentsummon” and “enemysummon” their statistics are stored in an array in the 8th and 9th lines. I need to call the array, manipulate the data, then store and output the data as variable d. This is the code I have.

#pragma strict
var s=4;
function Start ()
    //Random.seed = Time.time;
    var s = 4;
    var arr = currentSummon (30,3,5);
    var arr= enemySummon [35,4,5];

function OnMouseDown ()

    print ("player clicked attack");
    var a = 1.3;
    var d = (array.currentsummon[3]* a)/array.enemysummon[2];
   	var s = s--;
     print ( s );
     print ( d);

I have tried changing the syntax around for the last few hours to no avail. Any help is much appreciated.

If you are designing a combat engine, then i think its better you should have classes/structures for storing your stats,damage,inventory etc, and create objects of those classes in your main script. still if you want to do in arrays, then you can create a Dictionary and store data along with a key, that way you can access and manipulate all data easily.