Artifacts at Edges of Sprite

I am getting some artifacts on the edges of my 2D Sprites in both Scene and Game modes. The artifact is on the bottom of each sprite and it is a 1-pixel high row of whatever color is immediately under the sprite in the sprite sheet, and it appears and disappears when the sprite moves. For instance, if my sprite sheet had a red square and a green square on it, red on top of green, the red square would have a green artifact on the bottom.

I know what you’re thinking-- just don’t pack the sprites one on top of another. When I space them out more, the color of the artifact is white. I am using a .png for the sprite sheet.

Hopefully somebody out there has seen this and it is an easy fix.

The issue here is that OpenGL drags in neighbor pixels…

The best way to prevent this is to add 1 row of pixels around each sprite that repeats the border pixel’s color. Prevent Unity from using this extra pixel row.

An automated way of creating sprite sheets that don’t have these issues is using TexturePacker.